London 2012 Ceremonies Volunteers

The cast of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Ceremonies were made up largely of volunteers who gave up many months of their time for free to rehearse and perform. Our small site is dedicated to the small army of thousands of, largely unsung and oft overlooked, volunteers who helped give London 2012 it’s wonderful character and spirit.


We love to perform and if you know of any opportunities that we may be interested in, please let me know and we can pass it on to the relevant contacts for you. We can be reached at [email protected]

St Patrick's Day Parade London 2016

From across the four ceremonies many of us have kept in touch and created performing and parading groups to help keep the spirit of London 2012 alive.

Pandemonium Drummers: The Volunteer Drummers of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Ceremonies Carnival Crew: Parade group open to all volunteers from all sections of all the shows

Party Like It’s 2012: Dance performance group featuring performers and costumes from across the shows

Seg 87: Dance performance featuring the illuminated umbrellas from the London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Suffragettes: From the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Working Men and Women: Cast members from the Industrial Revolution segment of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Legacy Project: Contemporary Dance performance at The Place in London 2014

Phoenix Project: Fire and Ice dance and fire performers, appeared at Olympic Park in 2015 for Special Olympics GB

Vision Choir: Singers formed from Ceremonies Volunteers

POD: Post Olympic Dance Group