St Patrick’s Day Parade, London

Our first Carnival appearance today was a resounding success – the rain stopped, the wind calmed down, even the sun made a guest appearance!

If you came to the Parade we hope you also enjoyed seeing some of the lovely Team London Ambassadors who welcomed the World to our fair city, along with a selection of the Working Men and Women, and drummers, from the Opening Ceremony.

The crowds that thronged the entire route, from Green Park to Trafalgar Square and beyond, were amazing and plenty of smiles and cheers brightened up a typically grey London day.

We’re all very much looking forward to some more amazing Carnivals during the coming months, when even more of our Ceremonies Crew (Performers, Props, Costumes, and others behind the scenes) will come to help keep the flame alive.


Partying just before the start – we all had a good dance to the band on the lorry




Many thanks to Petula Dennis and Paul Degnan for the photographs