Enough Food For Everyone IF…


On Saturday 8 June, around 50,000 people gathered in Hyde Park for the Big IF London Rally to make a massive noise demanding that G8 leaders – meeting in Northern Ireland on 17-18 June – take action to tackle global hunger and save the lives of millions.

A major part of the event, the Mass Lab team helped create an amazing “Big IF” art installation made up of 250,000 spinning flowers, with each one of the millions of petals representing a child’s life lost each year because of malnutrition.


Photo © Save The Children

Windmill flower building starting on Thursday by a small army of dedicated volunteers in what became to be known as the “Rave area” – thanks to the pumping music to help production!

mass1Planting starting at noon on Friday with a celebrity ceremony, with volunteers working late into the night and from the early hours of Saturday morning to ensure the “Big IF Bowl” was completed at 10:45 am on the Saturday, in time for the public opening.

Once open, members of the public were freely invited to come in and plant windmill flowers, either ones they have created themselves or ones built by volunteers.

Planting in the “mouth” of the bowl allowed visitors to fill the bowl with “food”.

Everything was free and extremely well received, with many visitors coming along to help make their own personal statement and to help raise awareness of the global cause.


Image © Andrew Forey

All the action was captured by time-lapse camera’s overlooking the installation

After planting visitors were welcome to come along and visit the official Viewing Platform where they can see the work of art taking shape.


After the event finished, the art installation was began to be dismantled (for safety reasons) and windmill flowers freely distributed to welcome visitors as a memento of this special day…

With kind thanks to Phil Scotton for capturing the real Lorne Browne

Every windmill was made from recycled and biodegradable materials by CHX Products , with the stems from recycled yoghurt pots. As the installation is dismantled the stems and petals will be separated by hand, ready to be recycled once again.


Image © Andrew Forey

Mass Lab is the brainchild of Steve Boyd (Director and Designer of Mass Choreography, Parade of Athletes, and Mass Logistics) and who’s members consist of the experienced and highly enthusiastic volunteer performers and marshals from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Image © Andrew Forey

Based in Los Angeles, Steve (third from the left in this photograph) has built his career specializing in Olympic ceremonies and large-scale events that meld mass spectacle with mass logistics. He has recently completed work on four ceremonies as Head of Mass Movement Choreography for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Photo © Phil Scotton


Photo © Phil Scotton

The following images are reproduced here with very kind thanks to fellow Mass Lab and Olympic Ceremonies volunteer Andew Forey…

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