Anniversary Parties

To celebrate one year since the Olympics Opening Ceremony a re-union party was held at the Railway Tavern in Stratford, a favoured haunt of many a ceremonies volunteer. Occurring the same day many volunteers where still very busy in the Olympic Park as Park Champions, singers in Vision, drumming with the Pandemonium Drummers… it was very good turnout.

As BBC Three just happened to be broadcasting a repeat of the Opening Ceremony the same evening, we had to tune every television, and speaker, in the place to join in. Our wonderful sound man even over-played the “in-ear” instructions that we performers had to endure enjoy listening to whilst performing, lovingly played in sync with the BBC broadcast.

Of course, as a few familiar sections came on we could not help but repeat our performance there and then… here is a video of one during a quieter moment. As the evening wore on, and peoples various shifts finished, the place got VERY busy and very happy!

OOC Impromtu performance, video by Derek Moore

And for the Paralympic Opening Ceremony party on 31st August, the lovely POC Umbrella performers regaled us with a performance from Rihanna…