“Ceremonies Carnival Crew” help support the volunteers from across all four amazing ceremonies, who gave up many long days in all kinds of weather to help make London 2012 a unique experience. In particular we have created and help promote this web site in order to publicise how the volunteers are moving forward following the games.

2015 St Patricks Day Parade : Click Here to see us as leading the ITV news video


London Pride July 2013 © Keith Chong

Our philosophy is to be inclusive and have fun helping to Keep the Spirit of the Games alive. Our Crew includes the widest range of colourful volunteer performers from a whole range of performance segments, including the all-important Props and Costumes teams.


London Pride July 2013 © Vilma Laryea


The Big Lunch 2013

With a variety of colourful original costumes and performers, we love to help animate and bring to life events – whether parading or meet-and-greeting members of the public.

After our initial trial run at the wonderful St Patrick’s Day Parade in London, we are already looking forward to a number of events in the summer to give Ceremony volunteers their chance say Thank You.

And to give members of the public a chance to experience the wide range of costumes and performers that helped launch and celebrate the wonderful Athletes, who are the true stars of the Games.

Our costumes are genuine and we are the actual performers from the telly 🙂 We are all volunteers who gave up many hours, days, weekends, over many months leading up to the games. Typically each volunteer gave up around 100 hours of their own time, plus travelling time and costs, to take part.


Newham Town Show Weekend July 2013


After the Newham Town Parade July 2013


St Patrick’s Day Parade March 2013 © Vicky Annand