Legacy Project

40 Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies Performers reunited to perform as part of Resolution! 2014 at The Place, Robin Howard Dance Theatre, in January 2014.


The Legacy is a contemporary dance performance which explores how the performers are coping, or not, more than a year on from 2012. The performance will feature performers from London 2012 ceremonies in their original costumes and a collection of confessions and memories. It is a new show by artist Rhiannon Brace who was an audience leader in all four Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies.

Not only did the Olympics provide performers with an incredible stage, it also created performers. Suddenly housewives, teachers, students and merchant bankers became drummers and the workers of the Industrial Revolution. Suddenly their wardrobes were filled with brightly coloured bowler hats, an odd shoe collection, and an array of props and Olympic memorabilia.

The Legacy contains both touching and comical confessions of the all-consuming lives of the London 2012 performers during the intense and secretive rehearsals as well as exploring their coping strategies with life after. It explores the psychology of the team and the trauma of its breakup after the show is all over.

It will was performed as part of a triple bill with two other artists: Chloe Aliyanni and Tamar Daly.

Saturday 25 January 2014