‘Save Our NHS’ Demonstration and March

In the long tradition of keeping the spirit of the people alive, as highlighted by the Protest and Working Men segments of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, a group of Ceremony Volunteers joined the “Save Our NHS” demonstration in London today.The British National Health Service earned its own unique segment in the Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony, in conjunction with the renowned Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Primarily funded through general taxation, rather than requiring private insurance payments, the NHS provides a comprehensive range of health services, the vast majority of which are free at the point of use for residents of the United Kingdom


‘Save Our NHS’ March London May 18 2013 Image (c) Copyright Phil NIXON

Protesters took to the streets of London to show their anger at decisions to downgrade A&E departments in hospitals across London. The march was backed by unions, and the event included the handing in of a letter at No 10 Downing Street for Prime Minister David Cameron, asking him to put a stop to “closures and privatisation threats to the NHS”.


‘Save Our NHS’ March London May 18 2013 Image (c) Copyright Phil NIXON

This is not the first time volunteer cast members have joined protests about changes to the world famous NHS service. On 20th October 2012 they joined the TUC “A Future That Works” rally in London and in January 2013 the Save Lewisham Hospital mass rally.


TUC ‘A Future That Works’ Rally – 20 October 2012 Image (c) Copyright Vilma Laryea