Seg 87

Seg 87 performed an illuminating display during the opening 45 minutes of the London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony. Known during rehearsals as Segment 87, several hundred umbrella’s are transformed into a cascading rainbow of coloured light along with 18,000 LED lights illuminating the hat brims.


The ceremony started with “The Big Bang”, where a glowing, celestial sphere descended transforming the Stadium into a giant nebula in space whilst Seg 87 performed to “Umbrella” by Rihanna. After this Seg 87 helped create the image of a giant blinking eye, using their umbrellas to form the iris, while sway pole performers suggest eyelashes. Out of this blink the central heroine, Miranda, appeared who is encouraged by Professor Hawking to ‘be curious’. Finally the silk covering on the central umbrella is whisked off to reveal the northern hemisphere with Miranda on top of the world.


Photo by Derek Moore


Additional behind the scenes footage is available at the official Ceremonies Explorer site.

After coming together for a one-off private rendition at a Ceremonies party in March, a number of members of the “Ella Ella Ella” dance troupe are reforming to perform routines old and new at various events in the South East of England during 2013 and beyond.


Photo © Vilma Laryea

Here are some videos of recent performances…

Newham Town Show

Kents Hill School Fete, Benfleet

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